Web Site Reviews

Web site reviews are critical to identify problems for users and search engines!  I can guarantee you that there are improvements that can be made to your site, even if it was just designed.

Did you know that the average Web site conversion rate is just 2 to 3%? 

That means on a typical site, 98 out of 100 Web site visitors are leaving without doing anything, never to return!  If your Web site is not an average performer then even fewer visitors are responding.

Let’s do a quick test.  Do you know how many unique visitors you are receiving on your site?  Do you know how long they are staying, and if they are doing anything before they leave?  If not, then you likely do not know your conversion rate.  I can help you find the answers to these questions, and statistics are key.

A better conversion rate (i.e., more action on your Web site) may only take a review, and a few simple changes.  To save you $, let’s work together on improving your existing Web site before SEO or new page design!

It does NOT take a fancy Web site in order to make a sale, or encourage someone to sign up for your newsletter.  As a matter of fact, the most basic Web sites are often the most successful.

Web site reviews cover the following areas based on your needs.  All findings and recommendations are in writing so that you can understand exactly what needs to be done to increase sales, or get your site indexed by search engines.

  • Web site structure
  • Web site programming languages
  • Web site design
  • Web site navigation
  • Web site content & copy edits
  • Meta tags, title tags, alt tags & more
  • Web page errors
  • 404 Error pages
  • Chosen keywords
  • Keyword implementation
  • Site analytics
  • Site maps
  • Redirects & multiple domains
  • Local search
  • Blacklisting
  • Usability Issues & More

I work with small to large companies in many industries, and can coordinate your Web marketing with key staff.

Mini Web Site Review $99

I offer mini-Web site and social media reviews to small companies that really need help, but have micro-budgets.  I will give you the top 3 things you can do to improve your site or social media presence!  This is not a comprehensive review, but it will get you going in the right direction.  Call me ; )

Core SEO Web Site Review $975

This is the most-requested review as it fully lays out numerous issues in user-friendly language, in writing.  It offers solutions that you can implement now.  This is recommended for companies that need general guidance on search marketing, and to fix basic problems to drive more site traffic.

All we need is your URL and access to your Web site stats to get to work.  Call me today for a free initial consultation at  888-669-9695.

Core SEO Web Site Review & Phone Consultation $1,175

I’d love to talk with you about results of the Web Site Review, and answer your questions.  This package includes one hour of one-on-one consultation, which can be broken out into two sessions for a review of your site after you have implemented recommendations.

These packages do not include implementation.  We are available to provide additional hourly consulting for more complex search engine issues or staff training/assistance.   Please contact me for a quote at 888-669-9695.

Complex SEO Web Site Review $2,175

This in-depth Web Site review analyzes complex problems and technical issues for larger and/or e-commerce/content management sites (not WordPress).  We humans will review your Web pages, we do not rely on automated systems.  I will also look at link building and social media marketing in order to increase your link popularity.  Your site analytics will be reviewed as well.

The Complex SEO Web site Review also includes a one-hour phone consult at no extra charge.  We are confident that we can help us address your search engine issues and get you on the road to increased traffic!

Let’s get started today!  Call me at  1-888-669-9695 Pacific Standard Time.

Web Marketing and Social Media Consultant