SEO (search engine optimization)

Do you have a Web site that is not receiving enough traffic or is receiving the wrong traffic?  Let us help you.

There are many factors that affect search marketing.  There can be problems behind the scenes with your Web site code for example, or viewable problems with your page content (or lack thereof).  Most likely, there are multiple factors affecting your site’s ability to attract free search engine visitors.

Does your site use targeted keywords?  For example, if you have are a travel agent, are you using the keyword “travel” on your site?  Or is it more targeted like “honeymoon packages?”  If you are not using targeted keywords that have been selected through research you are missing a large part of your potential audience online.

Our expert Web marketing/SEO team has 20+ years of experience in search engine optimization and creating user-friendly sites.  We help you reach Web site marketing goals by targeting the right keywords, increasing search listings and rankings and improving your conversion rates.  Our focus is on-page optimization, or changes made directly to your Web pages, for organic traffic.

The first step in the process is to do a Web site review and issue a custom report on how to improve your Web site.  This is the single most important tool to get your site in shape for ranking in top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.  We look beyond your home page to conduct a thorough analysis of your Web pages, and provide you with specific recommendations.

Stop the struggling and confusion, save time, and learn how to improve your site through one of our Web Site Reviews.  Our search engine optimization methods are based on time-tested and proven results.

If you are not sure which review you need please contact us for a quote.  If you do not have an in-house team to implement search engine optimization or Web site design please let us know.  We work with sites of all types, including WordPress and other content management systems.

Our Web site reviews cover the following issues based on your needs:

  • Web site structure
  • Web site programming languages
  • Web site design
  • Web site navigation
  • Web site content & copy edits
  • Meta tags, title tags, alt tags & more
  • Web page errors
  • 404 Error pages
  • Chosen keywords
  • Keyword implementation
  • Site analytics
  • Site maps
  • Redirects & multiple domains
  • Local search
  • Blacklisting
  • Usability Issues & More

 Keyword Research $249

Your Internet marketing efforts should be based on solid keyword research.  Your Web site cannot be optimized for search engines without a list of targeted keyword phrases which are in demand and not highly competitive.  We use proprietary, state-of-the-art keyword research tools, and hand-select keywords with the greatest potential for your business.  You could be surprised at what the best keywords are for your site!

Your keyword list includes keyword search volume and competition, the potentially most profitable keywords and keyword recommendations.  The number of keywords will vary based upon your niche.  This service is ordered a la carte.

I’m glad to share search engine optimization resources to keep you informed of current search issues.  If you have lost Google search traffic or just aren’t sure what is happening at the search engines contact us.  We’re here to help.  888-669-9695




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