Tina Reed Johnson, Web Marketing & Social Media Consultant

Personal Herstory

I am a nature lover and have worked in environmental conservation (Save the cheetah!) and for the National Marine Sanctuary System (Save the whales!) half of my working life.

UNICEF hired me as an intern to help educate college students about women and children’s rights, their survival and development.  Education is one of my priorities, not only for myself but for families and small business owners.

Working for myself is where I am the happiest because I can network all I want, make my own decisions, and exercise my creativity.  I love being a web marketing and social media consultant!

Family is the  #1 priority in my life.  My husband and I have a six-year old daughter who is very bright and social.  Sometimes we are all working in our office with our cockatiel, Samantha!

We live a mile from the beach in Southern Cal, and sometimes we can smell the ocean air from our house.  I ♥  the smell of lavendar, holding babies and making people laugh.

Above all, I believe in treating people fairly and honestly.  I always try to be straight forward with customers and will let you know how you are doing online, while only providing services you need.  : )  Personal service and reliability are the cornerstone of my business.


Company Herstory

I discovered my passion for Web marketing while working as a temp, for a publisher in 1997. I eventually managed day-to-day operations and online advertising for 10 e-commerce Web sites. My department subsequently tripled online sales!

I started a home-based Internet marketing business in 1999. MarketNet Consulting made over $150,000 the first 2 years in operation.

I specialize in optimizing your online presence.  I look at your Web site and social media from a customer’s perspective, and from a marketing viewpoint.  My Web reviews tell you how to improve your site and optimize it for search engines.  I also provide recommendations to increase conversion rates and improve user’s online experience on any online medium.

We have obtained many, many top placements for Web sites in different industries, including competitive products and services such as infomercial products and travel, and for top companies like Commission Junction and Patagonia.

There are a ton of Internet marketers out there but very few that understand

how to design a Web site that will attract search engines.

My knowledge allows me to communicate effectively with clients, Web designers, search marketers, and IT departments in user-friendly language.

I’ve re-invigorated my business in 2011, and am personally branded as “Tina Reed Johnson.”  I’ve taken training by top experts in Internet marketing and social media management.  I’m glad to say that I am a graduate of Let’s Get Social training with Kate Buck, Jr.  Kate is very practical and knowledgeable, but let’s just say that you probably can’t afford her! LOL

I’m a big believer in the power of LinkedIn as a business networking platform.  Click here for my LinkedIn profile or search for Social Media Ventura.

Visit my Facebook page  where I answer Web marketing and social media questions.  And follow me on Twitter @tinareedjohnson. For Internet marketing videos and my musical taste see my YouTube Channel.

My ideal customer is one that:

  • needs to increase their conversion rate (more subscribers, sales)
  • is flexible & open to new marketing ideas
  • knows they need to do Web marketing
  • wants to connect with potential customers through social media
  • needs more online traffic
  • is looking for an honest Web marketer
  • is looking for someone to lead them through the process
  • has a marketing budget!

Let’s see how I can help you online! Call 888-669-9695 and talk to me directly!


Tina Reed Johnson, Web Marketing & Social Media Consultant


Web Marketing and Social Media Consultant